We do have BOHO spirit, creative and at the same time unconventional approach to life, art, freedom and joy of creation as well as sensitivity to beauty and all the colours of the world.



discarding any restriction...
We advise how to create a unique floor in the home and office


The floor is one of those factors which affect our overall impression of a room. Stylish and unusual floor makes the interior original and unique, we feel good there. The range of BOCCHO products, rich in colours and patterns, is not only interesting, but also available.


FLOCC flooring is characterised by densely flocked (>80m), low pile nylon, and is another idea for interiors of houses, offices and commercial spaces. Multiple patterns and colours turn our floors into something quite unusual. VERY DURABLE FLOORING, EASY TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN


Woven vinyl has a fabric structure and can be put together with any carpets, both soft and hard. An interesting structure combined with suitable colour arrangement make our interiors look new and unique.


Such a range, coupled with human creativity and unconventional thinking, brings about design possibilities unseen before...

without barriers

No limits to colour and form


Using our solutions and online SHAPES application customers may become designers and independently create, combine and add various colours, shapes or textures. The application is a simple way to design your own floor.

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