Dyeing technology

The raw material is dyed with the most modern developments, which guarantee long life, high resistance to dirt and no fading of colours for many years.


Maintenance and cleaning

"Boccho®" recommends cleaning and care of our carpets with products and technology developed by Dr. Schutz. We also ensure that technical parameters and the expected look of the carpets throughout their life are maintained.

Systematic cleaning and proper care of the floor will ensure its longer life and prevent mites, fungi or moulds, which can cause many illnesses and allergies.

Cleaning and maintenance performed with Dr. Schutz products and technologies ensure perfect penetration of the carpet fleece, and thus a high efficiency of cleaning.  It removes standard coffee, tea, juice or fat stains as well as microbes, moulds and odours quickly and effectively. After about 1.5 hours the carpet is completely dry and can be used.

Certificates and attestations

All BOCCHO® products are attested in compliance with EU directives in notified European laboratories, and at the same time they meet the requirements of CE marking.

We pay special attention to product safety, which includes parameters such as: limited combustibility, antistatic or hygiene. Moreover, performance properties play a very important roles in our products. This is why we also test them for dry and wet friction, resistance to caster wheels, stabilisation of measurements, fibre adherence to the surface and many others.

High quality



Our products high quality is first of all ensured by a high quality of raw materials and production technologies. In order to ensure top quality of products we use only tried and tested PA fibres manufactured by world’s leaders such as Antron® and Dupont®. Polyamid used in our carpets is recognised and valued nylon of group 6.6.



without barriers

No limits to colour and form


Using our solutions and online SHAPES application customers may become designers and independently create, combine and add various colours, shapes or textures. The application is a simple way to design your own floor.

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