Your floors, our solutions

A floor created in this way will give you joy and express your personality. We want you to create your space and at the same time express your inner self, to establish a place where you will always feel at home.


We do have BOHO spirit, creative and at the same time unconventional approach to life, art, freedom and joy of creation as well as sensitivity to beauty and all the colours of the world.

Nice words and good taste are dear to us. As is bocce, an Italian game similar to the French pétanque. Well, we like meeting people, taking on challenges and enjoy our common successes. What word could encompass all these meanings?

We have created the word "BOCCHO®", which draws on many layers and associations. It is related to independence and full creative freedom. Such an approach to life does not only enliven and deepen our perception of the world, but builds our openness and respect for those who we meet.

Boccho® strategy

Boccho® is independence and absolute freedom of creation. Boccho® is like your imagination: without limits or any borders.

We build our Boccho® brand mainly on modernity and innovativeness of our solutions. Our unique character helps us build trust and develop our business.

We would like our customers to develop their ideas of carpets and then implement them without any limitations. With this view we have created a number of tools that help design your own floor in a simple way.

Mission: vision

Boccho® mission is to offer solutions which create opportunities to design and execute carpets independently.

Our aim is to associate Boccho® with freedom, creativity and lack of limits. We would like our products to create positive emotions and associations.

Boccho® is the creative power without any barriers of colour, form or shape.


without barriers

No limits to colour and form


Using our solutions and online SHAPES application customers may become designers and independently create, combine and add various colours, shapes or textures. The application is a simple way to design your own floor.

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